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Tami Richards


Tami Richards started Body Kinect to create a community of experienced practitioners that want to share their passion and knowledge of wellness with the community. She works as a therapeutic massage therapist as well as teaches yoga and workshops.

Tami graduated in 1989 with a degree in Physical Therapy Assistant. She worked in a variety of settings and continues to maintain her license and go to continuing ed classes. In 1991 Tami decided to return to school for massage and became a licensed Massage and Body Work therapist where she specializes in therapeutic massage. In 2001, Tami attended yoga teacher training certification at Yogaworks in Santa Monica, California. She assisted many instructors, spent most of her time in therapeutic and Anusara-style classes, and then continued Anusara study at the Center for Yoga in Los Angeles. Tami finds balancing the body and mind, connecting with breath, and laughter facilitates positive change. She teaches with an eclectic style and draws from her work as a physical therapy assistant and massage therapist. Tami is available for group or one-on-one private sessions.


Lynn Crummy


Lynn is a physical therapist who is the owner and sole physical therapist at Innovative Sports Healing (I.S.H.)( located at Body Kinect WellnessCenter) Lynn graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1972 with a degree in PT. He did his graduate work at the Medical College of Virginia with an emphasis on orthopedic and biomechanics of the spine. Lynn continues his education through continuing education and reading medical journals.
I.S.H. is a PT approach that specializes in injury recovery, minimizing musculoskeletal pain, and eliminating chronic performance problems. ISH seeks to maximize each client’s goal potential to achieve maximum performance and recovery. Lynn also treats recreational, school, college, weekend warriors, and civilian and professionals, where fitness and ability to physically perform is our primary occupation. Being an athlete is not a requirement. He further enjoys relieving chronic pain in older adults and restoring grandparents to their previous level of function and recreational aspirations. I have spent the last 48 years cultivation a treatment mentality to expedite functionalist’s recovery and performance excellence. Population served: children, adolescents, adults, and “those who refuse to age”


Michelle Pond


Michelle offers reflexology at our wellness center. Her desire for health in wellness at a young age inspired her to attend and graduate from Advanced Fuller’s School of Massage in 2006.

She deeply believes in the power of touch and her approach is to deliver a service that calms the mind, spirit, and refreshes. Reflexology is not only a wonderful technique to help sore feet, but also assists in the total health of the body. It helps the body by pressure points in the feet which correlates to different areas of the body.

It can balance energy flow throughout the body and alleviate ailments through foot reflexology.

Reflexology is a wonderful service to treat yourself as a whole and wellness journey here at Body Kinect.

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