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“ I carry a great deal of tension in my shoulders. I know how it gets there- hours hunched over a computer, too many meetings, deadlines that don’t stop. You know the drill. The tension I carried home for the office in my shoulders was beginning to affect my sleep, my sport and leisure activities. Tami’s thoughtful approach broke down the tension in my shoulders and brought me a better night sleep. She also called on her expertise as a Yoga instructor to teach me some stretches that help keep me comfortable between massages. Thanks Tami. ”

– A.C.

A. C.

“ I enjoyed the detox and relaxation room so much! I came out feeling completely refreshed after the sensory walk. It was an amazing experience! I would recommend this to anyone that needs a little down time to rejuvenate in this crazy world we live in right now.”

– Candace Beckner

Candace Beckner

“ Body Kinect is exactly what I have been looking for. A wonderful place to heal, grow and find community in like-minded people. I love the idea of having so many different modalities and options under one roof. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Body Kinect. ”

– Krista G.

Krista G.

“ Tami Richards has been a life saver for me. With her knowledge and skilled care I have avoided needless doctors visits and possibly surgeries as well. She is a true therapist in every way. My life has been made much less painful because of Tami. ”

– Debbie Sauls

Debbie Sauls