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Call our THERAPISTS to book YOUR PERSONAL session.

Prices vary depending on Therapist.


TAMI RICHARDS: LMBT,CLT #9664 Massage Therapist 252-629-2611

website: [email protected]

LYNN CRUMMEY: Physical Therapist 607-725-9458

MEREDITH CONDON: LMBT #18150 Massage Therapist 703-201-6495

NASHINA WHITE: LMBT #14372 Massage Therapist 252-214-3959

Book now: [email protected]

Tami Richards has been a  life saver for me. With her knowledge and skilled care I have avoided needless doctors visits and possibly surgeries as well. She is a true therapist in every way. My life has been made much less painful because of Tami.

                       Debbie Sauls

"Great people, helping you be the very best you can be for you."

 Patricia Ann Young

Tami is a true professional and knows  her stuff. I brought my daughter to her when she was about 8-9 years old. Tami did an amazing job!

Dr. Jason Jones

Tami Richards is the best. She is relentless in identifying problems and working on solutions. I highly recommend Tami for her knowledge and professionalism.

                                            Lucy Gordon

"I carry a great deal of tension in my shoulders. I know how it gets there-

hours hunched over a computer, too many meetings, deadlines that don't stop. You know the drill. The tension I carried home for the office in my shoulders was beginning to effect my sleep, my sport and leisure activities. Tami's thoughtful approach broke down the tension in my shoulders and brought me a better night sleep. She also called on her expertise as a Yoga instructor to teach me some stretches that help keep me comfortable between massages. Thanks Tami."

From massage, reflexology, meditation, physical therapy, facials, reiki, and yoga...we have you covered. At Body Kinect, we take a holistic approach to health and wellness. Our skilled staff can help guide you on your path to wellness and help you to find the perfect fit for your health goals.

Not sure where to start? Contact our Lead, Tami Richards. She will discuss your issues and concerns and give you a plan to get started either in-house or with one of our many health and wellness associates.